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Dental Restoration

You’re not alone if your teeth suffer from damage or decay. At Barrhaven Bright Smile Dental, we provide a wide range of options and services to restore your smile to stunning satisfaction.

Composite Restorations (Fillings): When dental damage occurs due to cavities or trauma, tooth-colored composite restorations are necessary. These restorations can also close gaps and replace old, failing silver fillings. Made of durable resin, they adhere strongly to your teeth, enhancing both safety and aesthetics.

Crowns: Another option for damaged or fractured teeth is dental crowns or caps. Crowns encircle a tooth completely, improving its strength or appearance. They can be crafted from pure porcelain, white metal, porcelain fused to metal, or gold.

Inlays and Onlays: Recommended when significant tooth structure loss occurs, inlays and onlays provide a more substantial restoration than fillings. They are used to restore and protect the tooth when a filling might not suffice.

Dental Bridges: Losing a tooth or teeth can be traumatic, but there are replacement options available, such as dental bridges. These fixed dental restorations replace missing teeth by permanently joining an artificial tooth to adjacent existing teeth. Bridges offer a cost-effective, durable, and aesthetic solution to tooth loss.